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Jill Sawyer



Hi Everyone

I'm Colin, the man responsible for the creation of

 Rockfiend all the

way back in 86.

My own musical journey began in 1984 when I also

 went to my first gig,

'Adam and the Ants"....don't judge me!

I've always loved Hair and Glam metal, a personal low

 point was when

Grunge became a scene and did much to destroy a genre

 so close to my heart, little did we know that all it would

 do would be to force 

It underground for a time.

I'm happily married to Suzy 'Mrs Rockfiend",

 she's been the driving

force that's taken Rockfiend from it's humble beginnings with 

the black and white fanzine to what it is today..... a fully multimedia

 celebration of all things rock and metal.

Oh yes ,by the way, Suzy is responsible for expanding my 

tastes to the heavier darker side of rock.

So, you'll always find me busy doing interviews, shooting

 live gigs etc, generally I'm working for the one cause which is


There you go, I stake my case.

See you all out there soon no doubt.

Now Meet My Team

Jill Sawyer


        Owner & Editor


Jill Sawyer



My personal journey with music

 started in the early 70s being influenced by rock and prog, there's

always been music in my life.

In 78 I bought my first L.P. and since then

I've never looked back.

I'm joining the team with little

 experience but

with lots of enthusiasm and love for music.

Over the years I've attended

 over a

 thousand gigs

and have built many friendships

 along the way,

both inside the industry and with fellow

punters alike.

As you will find out my tastes are

 particularly diverse, something I've

 learnt over the years is to remain

 open minded and enjoy the many sub

genres on their own merits.

Thanks for having me along for the ride. 


Jill Sawyer


Head Photographer

 Interviewer & Reviewer

My earliest attempt at gig photography

 was a teenage me smuggling in a 

Kodak 110 camera hidden down my underwear into the Glasgow Apollo for an AC/DC gig. Needless to say, the resulting photos were less memorable than the gig itself.

Hopefully, my technique has improved

 since then...

My love affair with live gig photography started many years later in late

 2004 when I met Glasgow band Logan.

For the next 4 years I was roadie/driver

 and photographer for Logan which

 kept me busy most of the time including several U.K. and European tours.

I picked up other photo opportunities through support slots and contacts made along the way.

I have worked with many other

 Scottish based bands over the years and continue to do so, trying to do my bit and contribute to the music scene in

 Scotland as I attempt to give something back for the enjoyment it has given me.

I’m delighted to come on board with Rockfiend Publications Scotland and

 look forward to photographing

 more bands over the coming months, hopefully with decent lighting.....

Jill Sawyer



Michael is a lover of rock music and has been

playing in bands for over 30 years, during which

time he toured with Dare, Thunder & Ian Gillan.

Main passions are 80's style Hair Metal and cites

his favourite band as Iron Maiden. 

 Favourite guitarists from a long list start

with Michael Schenker who was

his first guitar hero. Other notable

heroes are Adrian Smith and

Vivian Campbell...both outstanding

guitarists, songwriters and always good to go

and watch play. 

 He's met Vivian a few times but still has to catch

the elusive Adrian Smith and the Teutonic God. 

 Band photography is his passion and he has

recently done shoots with 

Mason Hill, The King Lot, Anchor Lane &

Concrete Kingdoms as well as numerous live gigs.  

You could say that he's into music.

Jill Sawyer



Graeme is a lifelong music fan and collector

 who lives and loves music. Of an age to have lived through and savoured the NWOBHM, 80’s hair rock, funk rock and post-grunge, he has a particular love of sleaze rock, classic rock and power pop and describes his musical interests as “any guitar-based music with a melody,

 good lyrics and great vocals”. With diverse

 tastes ranging from The Faces to Hanoi Rocks,

 The Ramones, Tyketto, Dan Reed Network, the classic singer-songwriting of 

Bruce Springsteen, outlaw country and a passion for discovering 

new and emerging rock music, he combines

 this with his love of attending gigs and writing.

Jill Sawyer



My education in rock started in secondary school, as without any real musical direction I started hanging out with a guy who loved AC/DC amongst other bands which would be too many to list. This set me on my pathway to Rock n’ Roll debauchery!

First few albums I bought were from Kiss, Def Leppard, Anthrax and Guns n’ Roses infamous debut release, Appetite for Destruction. Now I admit being 13 I only bought it because of the ‘Parental Advisory’ sticker on it, but this just made it even more exciting as a purchase. My mates laughed at me for that one, they had never heard of Guns n’ Roses when it was released and I got ripped for it! I wonder who had the last laugh at that time?

Anyway, that was the only the beginning, first Gig attended was in 1987 on the

 Anthrax ‘Among the living’ tour supported by Testament, what a blooding as your first gig! I remember it well getting on the tube by myself and travelling across London to the legendary Hammersmith Odeon as a completely green teen

 cut off denim over leather jacket, patches 

to the hilt, it gives me goose bumps just

thinking back to that day! The first festival was at the 1988 Monster of Rock, Castle Donington, again as a lone wolf! Nuts, but hey I was 14!

Since then my love of the music has only increased and I have been to countless gig and festivals taking in hundreds of bands over the years and thousands of miles in the UK and overseas since. Even though I have my 

favourite bands and genre’s I can pretty much turn my

 ear to anything and if it rocks then I’m in!

I will end this story now as I could be waxing lyrically forever about my passion but it 

would require far more space! Looking forward to working with all the guys at Rockfiend and keeping Rock alive and I could very well die trying!

Jill Sawyer


Photographer & Reviewer

Andy loves Rock/Metal and has been listening to

 it since his childhood.

 At the age of 8 he acquired his

 first guitar 

which he taught himself to play.

 From 1988 to 2000

 he played bass in several bands,

 gigging and recording. 

 He has always had a keen interest

 in photography 

over the last 30 years, and mainly

 took motorcycles, football

 and the occasional wedding.

 Over the last 3 years he has gained his

 experience in gig photography taking 

local rock/metal bands,

 tribute bands and some 

well established bands. 

With work included on an album

 inner sleeve,

 American Airlines Transatlantic

 Monthly Magazine 

“American Way”

 and Epiphone Guitars website.

 Proud to be a new addition to the

 Rockfiend Team.

Jill Sawyer


   Photographer  & Reviewer


The man behind the lens

Andrew has worked

for one of the country’s largest photo

agencies covering sport for national

newspapers. Since buying

Number of the Beast too many years 

ago he has been a rock

and metal fiend and loves nothing more than

being in a

pit capturing bands on stage.

Jill Sawyer



I have been into rock and metal 

from an early age.  

Thanks to my Dad I grew up listening to 

bands like Twisted Sister, 

AC/DC and Status Quo.

 From this start I continued to develop 

my ear for music by listening to 

a wide variety of

 bands and developing a love of 

all things 


 I even taught myself to play the 

drums while listening to my favourite

 bands every night. Music is a huge part 

of my life. 

 I have a soundtrack of songs

 for my different moods and important 

events in my life.

I am excited to have been invited to join Rockfiend and am looking forward to 

sharing my thoughts about music with everyone.

Jill Sawyer





Jill Sawyer